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1 Social Psychology PSY 120 Professor South 11/3/09 I.Social Cognition II.Social Influence III.Relations with Others I. Social Cognition 1. Person Perception: Knowing Others 2. Attribution Theory 3. Attitudes 1. Person Perception Attractiveness Bias Physically attractive people judged more: Intelligent Competent Sociable Social Schemas General knowledge structure in long term memory, relating to social experiences or people May be used to “categorize” others, guide how we May be used to categorize others, guide how we treat them Stereotypes Collection of beliefs and impressions held about a group and its members Example: Racial and gender stereotypes May be activated unconsciously Explicit Implicit Aware Unaware Controllable Uncontrollable Intentional Unintentional Endorsed No endorsement
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2 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy The process in which a person’s expectation about another person… elicits behavior from that person that confirms the expectation Observer Acts on Expectancy Self Fulfilling Prophecy Target Responds with Expectancy-Confirming Behavior Male believes he is talking to attractive female Male believes he is talking to unattractive female Expectation Snyder, Tanke, & Berscheid (1977) Unaware female responds Male subject rates female positively Male subject rates female negatively Outcome Prejudice: An unjustifiable attitude toward a group or its members It is interplay of: Social Emotional Cognitive factors 2. Attribution Theory “Nervous guy” “Not so nervous guy” (DISCOUNTING) Really nervous guy” (AUGMENTING)
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