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exam 1 solutions

exam 1 solutions - Name(please print Exam 1 Solutions...

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Name: (please print) Exam 1 Solutions BUAD311 Operations Management Section H08 September 29, 2009 Instructor: Hiroshi Ochiumi 1 hour and 40 minutes All together the exam has a maximum of 60 points. There are 7 pages including this page. This is an open-book, open-notes exam. You may use a simple calculator. No laptops. No PDAs. Sharing books/notes with other students is not allowed. There is a partial credit for each question unless otherwise noted. Show your work completely. If you don’t sho w your work, there will be no partial credits. Do not be tempted to seek “inspiration” from a neighbor’s exam. Poor scores can be overcome, but cheating will be dealt with harshly! Please sign here to indicate that you have adhered to university policies regarding ethical behavior in preparing for and completing this exam. “I hereby certify that I have adhered to the university policies regarding ethical behavior in preparing for and completing this exam.”
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Section A: Multiple Choices [2 points each; no partial credit] 1. Located in the University Village Food Court, Tube is a make-to-order sandwich store specialized in exotic custom-made sandwiches. Currently, customers first line up to place an order. There are two workers accepting orders, and three workers preparing sandwiches. After receiving the order, the customer pays for it. Tube has only one cashier accepting payments. Currently, the sandwich preparation process is the bottleneck. Which of the following will NOT improve the throughput at Tube? a) Become a make-to-stock sandwich store. b) Cross-train the cashier and sandwich preparers c) Cross-train the order takers and sandwich preparers. d) Install state-of-the-art order entry terminals. d): Order entry is not the bottleneck. 2. Recall the Kristen’s Cooki e Company case. Kristen realizes that the bottleneck resource is the oven, which makes 6 dozen cookies per hour. A friend of Kristen’s would like to give her an old oven, which produces 3 dozen cookies per hour. If Kristen accepts the old oven, the new hourly capacity for Kristen ’s Cookie Company will be: a) 6 dozen b) Between 6 and 9 c) 9 dozen d) Greater than 9 dozen b): Kristen will become the bottleneck 3. At Caffe Vita Coffee House, one cashier takes orders, and one skilled worker prepares coffee. It takes a total of 5 minutes to finish both order-taking and preparing stages for a customer. The
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