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Ch8Quickhits - Chapter 8 Electrons In Atoms Were really...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style Chapter 8 – Electrons In Atoms We’re really interested in electrons , because electrons essentially form the ‘skin’ of atoms, and so if atoms are going to interact, they do so through sharing or exchanging electrons. Remember that in a chemical change as we define it, we do not change the identity of the atoms involved (Dalton), so we don’t mess with the nucleus (remember the identity of an atom is given by it’s atomic number – the number of protons in its nucleus). Light is a type of Electromagnetic radiation , energy embodied in oscillating magnetic and electric fields that travel through a vacuum at a constant speed (c) of 3.00 × 108 m/s. Light exhibits both wave and particulate nature (Wave- particle duality) . The wave nature of light is characterized by its wavelength (λ) and its ability to experience interference (constructive or destructive) and diffraction . It’s particle nature is characterized by the energy carried by a photon . A photon is a
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