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Click to edit Master subtitle style Chapter 8 – Electrons In Atoms The solutions to the Schrodinger equation ( Wave functions ) are characterized by three quantum numbers. Wave functions with acceptable values of these numbers are called atomic orbitals . The principal quantum number (n) describes energy of the electron and the size of the orbital. The Angular momentum quantum number ( l ) determines the shape of the orbital, and the magnetic quantum number (m l ) defines the orientation of the orbital. Orbitals are regions in an atom that have a high probability of containing an electron or high electron charge density. Orbitals having the same value of n are said to be in the same principal energy level . Those with the same value of n and l are said to be in the same subshell . The n, l , and m l quantum numbers define an orbital, but a fourth is required to characterize and electron in an orbital – the electron spin quantum number (ms), which has values of +½ or –½. Quantum
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