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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA COLLEGE OF NURSING COURSE SYLLABUS FALL/2009 COURSE NUMBER NUR 3129 (Section 0452) COURSE TITLE Comprehensive Pathophysiology for Nursing CREDITS 3 PLACEMENT BSN Program - All Tracks PREREQUISITE Admission to the College of Nursing PRE or COREQUISITES NUR 3069C: Communication and Health Assessment OR NUR 3119: Introduction to Nursing Care Management NUR 3119L: Clinical Nursing: Fundamentals of Nursing Care Management FACULTY OFFICE PHONE OFFICE HOURS David J Derrico RN, MSN 3202 352-273-6341 Thursday 10:30-12:30 Assistant Clinical Professor (cell) 352-562-6305 DEPARTMENT CHAIR Maxine Hinze RN, PhD, CNL 3230 352-273-6431 Monday 11:00 – 1:00PM Assistant Clinical Professor & by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides the student with a basic understanding of pathophysiology related to human illness within a systems framework. Emphasis is placed on biological theories and principles that provide a basis for understanding pathophysiology as an alteration in the normal physiological functioning of subsystems from conception to end of life. The focus is the use of critical thinking processes to analyze diverse client presentations of selected illnesses for symptomatology, pathophysiology, and health care implications. COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: 1. Apply physiological principles from biological sciences to understanding pathophysiological processes within the human system. 2. Analyze relationships among pathophysiological processes, laboratory and diagnostic tests, and signs and symptoms of selected illnesses. 3.
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