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MA 140C b6ad55e80e55935faf590b5103d71f0230aa51a9.doc Markman 6.) Given: f = {(x,f(x)) / f(x) = Log x} (a) State the domain and range of f (b) Write an expression for g(x), the inverse of f(x) 1 (c) Find f( ) 100 (d) Find g(2) (e) Sketch f(x) and g(x) on the same axes. 7.) Solve for all values of x: Log 2 (x 2 – 3x) = 2 nt 8) The formula for compund interest is given by r A=P(1+ ) n where A = final am't, P = orig investment r = annual interest rate, n = # times compounded t = # years Ho w many years will it take an investment of $12,000 to reach a value of $30,000 if the interest rate is 6% and interest is compounded quarterly. Answer to the nearest month. 9) Find Log 4 12 to the nearest tenth 10) Find all values of x for which Log x = Ln x 11) 5 2 means (5)(5) . .. i.e. two fives multiplied together 5 3 means (5)(5)(5) . .. i.e. three fives multiplied together What does 5 .3 mean ? 12) The equation R = e kx models the risk of having an accident while driving a car after consuming alcohol. x is the concentration of alcohol in per cent; R is the risk; and k is a constant.
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cls_prc_test_prep_1203 - MA 140C...

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