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Chapter 8 Process Layout DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Layout performance measures a. Airport—customer convenience, requirements for materials handling, capital investment b. For a bank layout, important criteria would include customer convenience, atmosphere, sales (loan applications), communication, and capital investment. c. Classroom—flexibility, communication. d. Product Design—communication with production, work environment. e. For a law firm, important criteria would include client convenience, capital investment, communication, flexibility, atmosphere, organizational structure, and employee attitudes. f. Metal fabricator—important criteria would include capital investment, materials handling, flexibility, labor productivity, ease of maintenance, work environment, and employee attitudes. g. For a parking lot, important criteria would include capital investment, material handling (flow of cars), and safety. h. Human resources—proximity to entrance, privacy of communications. 2. Student answers will vary - here are two examples. The Lower Florida Keys Health System (LFKHS) offers a broad range of services to its patients, using a process choice that matches its small size and low volume. The flexible-flow layout of the main hospital facility is such that activities are grouped according to function, which is typical of such a process. The customized services provided to each patient cause jumbled patient flows, with lots of individual handling. This layout is particularly appropriate for LFKHS, as demand levels are too low or unpredictable for management to set aside human and capital resources exclusively for a particular type of patient—except for maternity patients. Chapparal Steel is a high-volume producer of standardized products. The strategy used for the Bar Mill is a line flow in which products follow a one-directional route from the reheat furnace to storage of the finished product. Due to the capital-intensive nature of the work at Chapparal Steel, a line-flow layout is most appropriate. A product layout allows faster processing rates, lower inventories and less unproductive time lost to changeovers and materials handlings. PROBLEMS
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185 l PART 2 l Managing Processes 1. Baker Machine Company Closeness Department Rating Current Plan Proposed Plan Pair w ij Distance ( d ij ) w ij d ij Distance ( d ij ) w ij d ij 1–2 8 3 24 3 24 1–3 3 1 3 1 3 1–5 9 1 9 2 18 1–6 5 2 10 1 5 2–4 3 1 3 1 3 3–5 8 2 16 3 24 3–6 9 3 27 2 18 4–6 3 2 6 1 3 5–6 3 1 3 1 3 wd = 101 wd = 101 There is no change in the weighted-distance score. These layouts can be assessed using the Flexible-Flow Layout solver of OM Explorer, as shown following for the current plan. Department
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krm8_ism_ch08 - Chapter 8 Process Layout DISCUSSION...

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