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Chapter 4 Part 2 Managing Processes Process Strategy DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Many operations at manufacturing facilities involve customer contact. Internal customers would include those employees whose operation(s) are subsequent. Quality Control could be considered an internal customer as could design engineering or sales. Quality Control, design engineering, marketing, sales and other organizations represent the customer at various stages of any process. Customer contact can be very high, especially between production and engineering and production and quality control. 2. Some students may see this as a difference in competitive priorities. Others may see a difference in management styles. Ritz-Carlton empowers their employees and the local restaurant does not seem to empower. Ritz-Carlton believes that by having employees treat customers and other employees with respect, customer service is enhanced. A restaurant that does not allow employees to resolve a customer issue may not see enhanced customer service. The restaurant may believe that the drive-up customer will be better satisfied with fast and accurate orders. The in-store customer gets the chips and salsa to utilize the time while waiting for an order to be prepared. The drive-up customer has already placed that order and it is ready when the customer arrives at the pickup window. 3. Student answers will vary. One idea that they may come up with is the use of electronic files. The printing industry is undergoing a shift to pdf files. Medical imaging and electronic file sharing is on the immediate horizon. The trick would be to convince physicians that want to keep their pads and pencils, that their "blackberries" are their pads and pencils. 4. Pollution control technology. The approach described in this question has actually been proposed in the regulatory arena. The discussion is expected to focus on these issues: (1) whether utilities ought to be able to buy the right to pollute, (2) fairness of making no improvement in the local environment while lowering average pollution for the nation, (3) universal requirement to install the new technology (the technology is so expensive, great resistance to universal enforcement could result in defeating the regulation), and (4) the broad “reduced regulation versus big government” debate. 5. Students from other countries may have experiences to relate here. NAFTA may reduce the tendency to move dirty work to other countries to avoid stringent environmental regulations. However, even small differences in regulations can have a large effect.
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58 l PART 2 l Managing Processes Within the United States a large amount of electric generation capacity is located in the desert just outside the reach of California’s more stringent pollution standards. Unfortunately, California experienced very expensive utility bills and power shortages
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krm8_ism_ch04 - Chapter 4 Part 2 Managing Processes Process...

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