Krajewski SN Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 organization. a....

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Chapter 11 Location A. Location Decisions Across the Organization 1. Explain how location decisions affect processes and departments throughout the organization. a. Marketing: b. Human resources: c. Accounting and finance: d. Operations: B. Factors Affecting Location Decisions 1. Factors must meet what two conditions? 2. Dominant factors in manufacturing a. b. c. d. e. f. 3. Dominant factors in services a. b. c. d. C. Geographic Information Systems and Location Decisions 1. Describe geographical information system (GIS) 2. How is GIS used to identify locations and demographic customer segments? SN:11-1
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SN:11-2 Chapter 11: Location D. Choosing Between an Onsite Expansion, New Location, or Relocation 1. Onsite expansion a. Advantages: b. Disadvantages: 2. New location or relocation a. Reasons for building a new plan or relocating the existing one: b. Advantages 3. Example 11.1, Tyler Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Location illustrates how at time, a combination of all three options might simultaneously be considered. E. Locating a Single Facility 1. Comparing several sites a. Process of selecting a new facility Step1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5: b. Example 11.2 Health Watch c. Application 11.1: Preference Matrix Management is considering three potential locations for a new cookie factory. They have assigned scores shown below to the relevant factors on a 0 to 10
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Krajewski SN Chapter 11 - Chapter 11 organization. a....

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