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Krajewski SN Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 1 Marketing Lean Systems...

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Chapter 9 Lean Systems A. Lean Systems across the Organization How does a lean system affect a firm’s internal linkages between its core and supporting processes and its external linkages with its customers and suppliers? 1. Marketing: 2. Human resources: 3. Engineering: 4. Operations: 5. Accounting: B. Characteristics of Lean Systems for Services and Manufacturing 1. Pull method of material flow a. Describe a push method b. Describe a pull method c. How can the choice between the push and pull methods be determined? 2. Quality at the source a. How obtained and defined? b. Poka-yoke c. Jidoka or andon 3. Small lot sizes a. Advantages b. Disadvantages SN:9-1
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SN:9-2 Chapter 9: Lean Systems 4. Uniform workstation loads a. Services b. Manufacturing 5. Standardized components and work methods 6. Close supplier ties 7. Flexible work force 8. Line flows 9. Automation 10. Five S a. Sort b. Straighten c. Shine d. Standardize e. Sustain 11. Preventive maintenance C. Continuous Improvement Using a Lean Systems Approach 1.
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