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Krajewski SN Chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Process Strategy A...

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Chapter 4 Process Strategy A. Process Strategy Across the Organization 1. Processes are everywhere, in all functional areas of the enterprise. 2. Managers must see to it that processes in all departments are adding as much customer value as possible. B. Process Strategy How does a process best use an organization’s resources to provide something of value? 1. Process strategy defined 2. When are process improvement decisions most likely? 3. Three important principles concerning process design a. b. c. 4. Environmental Considerations SN:4-1
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SN:4-2 Chapter 4: Process Design Strategy C. Major Process Decisions 1. Four common process decisions a. b. c. d. D. Process Structure in Services 1. Describe the nature of service processes (dimensions of customer contact) a. Physical presence b. What is being processed at the service encounter c. Contact intensity d. Personal attention e. The method of delivery used in contact 2. Elements of customer-contact matrix (fitting service process with customer contact) a. Customer contact and service package b. Process complexity, divergence, and flow
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