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Chapter 5 Process Analysis TEACHING TIP Introduce chapter with business example. It could be how processes were improved at Omego that even led to the creation of a new company. 1. Techniques give management insight on current processes and possible changes. a. flowcharts b. service blueprints c. process charts 2. Data analysis tools a. checklists b. Histograms and bar charts c. Pareto charts d. Cause-and-effect diagrams 3. Data Snooping involves sifting data to clarify issues and deducing the causes. 4. Simulation is a more advanced technique to evaluate process performance. 5. Describe how chapter relates to processes and value chains. A. Process Analysis Across the Organization How can processes by analyzed, understood, and redesigned so they are providing the most value to their customers (internal or external)? 1. Emphasize that processes are everywhere, in all functional areas of the enterprise and process analysis focuses on how work is actually done. 2. Disconnects are often the worst and opportunities the greatest when processes are only partially within a function’s domain. B. A Systematic Approach 1. A six-step blueprint process analysis a. Step 1: identify opportunities. Give particular attention to four core processes Supplier relationships New service/product development Order fulfillment Customer relationship 5-1
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5-2 Chapter 5: Process Analysis Look at strategic issues. Encourage employees who perform the process or who are internal or external customers of the process to bring forward ideas. b. Step 2: define the scope Establish the boundaries of the process to be analyzed Assign resources that match the scope of the process Design teams may be established for large reengineering projects
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Krajewski IN Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Process Analysis...

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