Krajewski CourseOutlines - PLAN A(CASE/QUARTER This plan is...

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PLAN A (CASE/QUARTER) This plan is an updated version of an outline used at The Ohio State University. The original plan was devised by Professors W. C. Benton, Bill Berry, Dave Collier, Keong Leong, Lee Krajewski, and Peter Ward for the undergraduate program. There were five sections of the course per quarter, with an average class size of 55 students. Typically, three or four teaching assistants taught their own sections. The use of cases and videos greatly enhanced student interaction even though the students did not have to turn in case reports each time. Plan A can also be used as a guide for an MBA course. All cases shown in the plan can be found in the Eighth Edition. INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Improving Competitiveness in Organizations TEXTS Operations Management, Processes and Value Chains, Eighth Edition, Krajewski, Instructor Solutions Manual : This text contains solutions to the assigned problems. This manual is an essential aid for the lectures and for preparing for exams. OM Explorer Software COURSE OBJECTIVES Many firms have demonstrated that operations management can be an effective competitive weapon and, in conjunction with well-conceived marketing and financial plans, these firms have made major penetrations into markets worldwide. This course is designed to address the key operations and logistical issues in service and manufacturing organizations that have strategic as well as tactical implications. The specific objectives include: 1. To understand the role of operations management in the overall business strategy of the firm. 2. To understand the interdependence of the operating system with other key functional areas of the firm. 3. To identify and evaluate the key factors and the interdependence of these factors in the design of effective operating systems. 4. To identify and evaluate a range of tools appropriate for analysis of operating systems of the firm. 5. To identify and evaluate comparative approaches to operations management in a global context. 6. To understand the application of operations management policies and techniques to the service sector as well as manufacturing firms. The sessions are designed to promote student participation through the discussion of current events in the business world as they relate to operations management and in- class analysis. EVALUATION CO–1
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CO–2 Course Outlines Your course grade will be determined in the following way: Mid Term Exam 30% Case Reports 30% Final Exam 30% Class Participation 10% As a general policy, no make-up work or exams will be granted unless required for medical reasons, in which case a note from a physician is required. An important part of the course is the effectiveness of your individual participation in the class discussions. Although we expect participation by every member of the class, we will place primary emphasis on the quality of the classroom contributions. In grading class performance, we will give very little emphasis to redundant or extraneous
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Krajewski CourseOutlines - PLAN A(CASE/QUARTER This plan is...

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