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A Note to Instructors Instructors have distinctive, ever evolving approaches for designing and teaching courses in operations management, and so we offer a wide variety of resources beyond what is provided by the textbook. Pick, choose, and adapt them to your own needs. Only a modest portion of the resources is printed in this manual. Our book’s Web site at provides a full array of materials, either through the Instructors Resource link or the Companion Website link. There are additional resources available to both students and instructors on the Student CD-ROM that accompanies the book. Resources in This Manual We provide here four types of materials for convenience, with the electronic versions available for downloading at our book’s Web site. The first element is provided in the front of the manual, and the last three elements are grouped on a chapter-by-chapter basis. We are indebted to Pedro Reyes of Baylor University for helping create these materials. 1. Course Outlines. Here are six sample course outlines that vary, depending on whether the course is undergraduate vs. MBA, oriented around lectures vs. cases and experiential exercises, offered on a semester vs. quarter basis, and conceptual vs. quantitative. Possible assignments of cases, experiential exercises, and homework problems are illustrated. 2. Instructor Notes. These annotated chapter outlines cover the key aspects of each chapter or supplement, with boxed notes to the instructor on ideas that might be brought out in class, and supplementary materials such as the “Applications” that might apply. (PowerPoint lecture notes can also be downloaded from the Web site.) For example, Chapter 1’s lecture notes can be found in the Kraj8eCH01.IRM.doc file. If you wish to use the material as a class handout (particularly useful for large lecture-based classes when combined with PowerPoints), edit the portions that you wish to delete, revise, or add. Important art or figures (such as from selected PowerPoint slides) can be pasted
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This note was uploaded on 12/19/2009 for the course MANAGEMENT 00123 taught by Professor Ahmed during the Spring '09 term at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

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Krajewski A Note to Instructors - A Note to Instructors...

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