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Principles of Mathematics in Operations Research 0387377344
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Unformatted text preview: Principles of Mathematics in Operations Research Recent titles in the INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH & MANAGEMENT SCIENCE Frederick S. Hillier, Series Editor, Stanford University Talluri & van Ryzin/ THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF REVENUE MANAGEMENT Kavadias & Lochy 'PROJECT SELECTION UNDER UNCERTAINTY: Dynamically Allocating Resources to Maximize Value Brandeau, Sainfort & Pierskalla/ OPERATIONS RESEARCH AND HEALTH CARE: A Handbook of Methods and Applications Cooper, Seiford & Zhu/ HANDBOOK OF DATA ENVELOPMENT ANALYSIS: Models and Methods Luenberger/ LINEAR AND NONLINEAR PROGRAMMING, 2'" 1 Ed. Sherbrooke/ OPTIMAL INVENTORY MODELING OF SYSTEMS: Multi-Echelon Techniques, Second Edition Chu, Leung, Hui & Cheung/ 4th PARTY CYBER LOGISTICS FOR AIR CARGO Simchi-Levi, Wu & Shen/ HANDBOOK OF QUANTITATIVE SUPPLY CHAIN ANALYSIS: Modeling in the E-Business Era Gass & Assad/ AN ANNOTATED TIMELINE OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH: An Informal History Greenberg/ TUTORIALS ON EMERGING METHODOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH Weber/ UNCERTAINTY IN THE ELECTRIC POWER INDUSTRY: Methods and Models for Decision Support Figueira, Greco & Ehrgott/ MULTIPLE CRITERIA DECISION ANALYSIS: State of the Art Surveys Reveliotis/ REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCE ALLOCATIONS SYSTEMS: A Discrete Event Systems Approach Kail & Mayer/ STOCHASTIC LINEAR PROGRAMMING: Models, Theory, and Computation Sethi, Yan & Zhang/ INVENTORY AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT WITH FORECAST UPDATES Cox/ QUANTITATIVE HEALTH RISK ANALYSIS METHODS: Modeling the Human Health Impacts of Antibiotics Used in Food Animals Ching & Ng/ MARKOV CHAINS: Models, Algorithms and Applications Li & Sun/ NONLINEAR INTEGER PROGRAMMING Kaliszewski/ SOFT COMPUTING FOR COMPLEX MULTIPLE CRITERIA DECISION MAKING Bouyssou et al/ EVALUATION AND DECISION MODELS WITH MULTIPLE CRITERIA: Stepping stones for the analyst Blecker & Friedrich/ MASS CUSTOMIZATION: Challenges and Solutions Appa, Pitsoulis & Williams/ HANDBOOK ON MODELLING FOR DISCRETE OPTIMIZATION Herrmann/ HANDBOOK OF PRODUCTION SCHEDULING Axsater/ INVENTORY CONTROL, 2'" 1 Ed. Hall/ PATIENT FLOW: Reducing Delay in Healthcare Delivery Jozefowska & Wgglarz/ PERSPECTIVES IN MODERN PROJECT SCHEDULING Tian & Zhang/ VACATION QUEUEING MODELS: Theory and Applications Yan, Yin & Zhang/ STOCHASTIC PROCESSES, OPTIMIZATION, AND CONTROL THEORY APPLICATIONS IN FINANCIAL ENGINEERING, QUEUEING NETWORKS, AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS Saaty & Vargas/ DECISION MAKING WITH THE ANALYTIC NETWORK PROCESS: Economic, Political, Social & Technological Applications w. Benefits, Opportunities, Costs & Risks Yu/ TECHNOLOGY PORTFOLIO PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT: Practical Concepts and Tools A list of the early publications in the series is at the end of the book * Levent Kandiller Principles of Mathematics in Operations Research 4y Springer Levent Kandiller Middle East Technical University Ankara, Turkey Library of Congress Control Number: ISBN-10: 0-387-37734-4 (HB) ISBN-10: 0-387-37735-2 (e-book)...
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