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1994 MAYIS KPDS SORULARI 1-24 sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime veya ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. His study of the situation covers a great deal of relevant material but does not tackle the real issues _____ enough. A) disturbingly B) outrageously C) vaguely D) adequately E) currently 2. At present the rate of economic growth is very satisfactory, but _____ when foreign competition makes itself felt this will not be the case. A) enthusiastically B) eventually C) considerably D) effectively E) preferably 3. Serbian _____ in Bosnia has been strongly condemned by the civilised world but little serious action has been taken against it. A) conduct B) settlement C) investment D) treaty E) compliment 4. In view of the severe economic recession his appointment to this office was regarded as highly _____ A) refutable B) compulsory C) persuasive D) appropriate E) considerable 5. In a child, curiosity normally suggests intelligence and is welcomed; but an _____ adult is best avoided. A) indefinite B) indulgent C) indecisive D) impartial E) inquisitive 6. I am not _____ that his proposal actually will lead to an improvement in the situation. A) impressed B) deterred C) convinced D) refrained E) deserved 7. It is a society that is _____ to waging war on all forms of environmental pollution. A) regarded B) preferred C) referred D) committed E) upheld 8. Many of the pictures sent from outer space are presently on _____ in the public library. A) duty B) display C) account D) exchange E) reinforcement 9. One way _____ cutting down waste is to recycle such things _____ glass and paper. A) of / as B) to / of C) as / off D) in / to E) with / in 10. Some of these new drugs, capable _____ curing a variety of diseases, are sometimes hazardous _____ use or disposal. A) about / with B) for / at C) by / through D) in / by E) of / in 11. As he failed to reply in time, the organisers took his name _____ the list. A) below B) to C) in D) by E) off 12. Why don't you take your lawyer with you to the meeting _____ there are problems he can deal with for you? A) whether B) even if C) as ever D) unless E) in case KPDS ÖRNEK SINAV NO: 5 / 94.1 SAYFA: 1
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13. _____ of the information he gave could have been found in any encyclopaedia. A) A few B) Many C) Few D) Much E) A great many 14. The director has promised that _____ finds a solution to this particular problem will be well awarded. A) who B) whoever C) the one D) whomsoever E) anyone 15. I was immensely impressed by both the qualifications and the personality of the candidate, but _____ on the selection committee was. A) all the rest B) several others C) many D) hardly anyone else E) most of the others 16. Several members of the research team haven't handed in their reports yet, and I must admit I haven't _____ A) as well B) too C) either D) also E) neither 17. The judge ruled that the evidence given by the witnesses at the trial was not substantial _____ to prove the doctor guilty of negligence. A)
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05-KPDS 1994 MAYIS - 1994 MAYIS KPDS SORULARI 1-24...

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