06-KPDS 1994 KASIM - 1-24 sorularda, cümlede boş...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-24 sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime veya ifadeyi bulunuz.1. They have had to agree to provide free lunches, but obviously they have had done so ____ .A)faultlesslyB)preciselyC)exceedinglyD)reluctantlyE)extraordinarily2. Unfortunately, few children behave in such a ____ manner towards the old and infirm.A)ridiculousB)considerateC)restrictedD)fragileE)progressive3. The development of the experimental method to verify the theories had the ____ effect and there was a rapid increase in scientific knowledge.A)adverseB)reluctantC)appropriateD)erroneousE)partial4. We will have to hire more workers soon; we can’t put it off ____ .A)plainlyB)supremelyC)emphaticallyD)intenselyE)indefinitely5. A well organised company that knows its products are of a high standard does not fear ____ .A)conversionB)concentrationC)competitionD)departureE)pretension6. When births outnumber deaths, the population increases; when the ____ is true, then it falls.A)oppositeB)growthC)proportionD)rateE)decreases7. In the past, too, people relied on plant substances to ____ a wide range of illnesses.A)recoverB)cureC)infectD)undermineE)restrain8. Industry is slowly realising that the manner in which waste products are being ____ of is of vital importance to the environment.A)forwardedB)exposedC)composedD)disposedE)restored9. I was astonished to learn how such an experienced man as Dr Foster could be ____ by her tricks.A)locked upB)found outC)run overD)made upE)taken in10. I don’t know how the nurse ____ the constant demands of that elderly patient.A)thinks overB)changes overC)puts up withD)wakes upE)turns on11. After that last incident, even the manager admits that we can ____ their services.A)go onB)do withoutC)put outD)show offE)break into12. Following the bomb explosion in the shopping centre, the police have been warning people to ____ any suspicious-looking parcel.A)rely onB)run throughC)take overD)watch out forE)send forKPDS ÖNEK SINAV NO: 6 / 94.2SAYFA: 113. As regards the decision to modernise the mines in the region, here is a report which contains ____ relevant information.A)anotherB)anyC)manyD)aE)some14. Of all the medicines we have tested, this is obviously ____ effective.A)muchB)moreC)the mostD)a littleE)less15. An hour after the accident he was conscious ____ to describe how it had happened.A)enoughB)moreC)as wellD)so muchE)fairly16. The project he has in mind is ____ complicated to be feasible.A)veryB)tooC)soD)suchE)as17. This patient is not as seriously ill as ____ I examined a little while ago.A)whomB)otherC)some otherD)one anotherE)the one18. The manager told Brian to do the job ____ and not pass it on to ____ assistant.A)ourselves / theirB)themselves / hersC)himself / oursD)himself / hisE)yourself / my19. Recently he’s had a novel published, the title of ____ I can’t recall at the moment....
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06-KPDS 1994 KASIM - 1-24 sorularda, cümlede boş...

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