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1997 MAYIS KPDS SORULARI 1-24 sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen kelime veya ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. As a result of continuing economic recession, a huge _____ in the budget seems inevitable. A) redundancy B) improvement C) profit D) distinction E) deficit 2. The recent economic figures _____ that the country is slowly coming out of the crisis. A) commit B) imply C) incur D) evolve E) invoke 3. When the rate of exchange began to rise again, he felt _____ to call a meeting of the financial staff. A) obliged B) blamed C) consumed D) omitted E) rewarded 4. As far as we are concerned, the evidence put before the court was not _____ enough to convict the man. A) subsequent B) conclusive C) adamant D) earnest E) consecutive 5. He devised an _____ scheme whereby the rate of unemployment in the country could be brought down sharply. A) irrelevant B) unstable C) ingenious D) untamed E) illegible 6. I was greatly impressed by the way the judge conducted the trial, _____ when it came to summing up the case. A) particularly B) completely C) sufficiently D) effectively E) respectively 7. As soon as the leak in the boiler was noticed, one of the engineers was naturally _____ . A) taken after B) run down C) made out D) sent for E) turned up 8. At the board meeting, his suggestion was _____ as it seemed politically controversial. A) put out B) taken out C) held in D) burst into E) cast aside 9. When the relief workers reached the scene of the disaster, they immediately began to help _____ who could do nothing for _____ . A) that / himself B) them / their C) those / themselves D) these / ourselves E) us / yourself 10. The very idea of establishing a literary ‘canon’ has become _____ controversial that the people running the Library of America have wisely avoided using the term. A) too B) as C) such D) so E) more 11. They haven’t met for twelve years or more, but I understand they still write to _____ at a regular interval. A) the other B) each other C) themselves D) the others E) one other 12. It was foolish of me to turn down such an offer; in fact _____ I think about it, _____ I regret it. A) as much / so much more B) the more / as much C) much / as much D) the most / so much E) the more / the more ÖRNEK KPDS SINAVI (97.1) PAGE: 1
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13. The scheme has been _____ consideration for a long time now, but I doubt whether it will ever be put _____ effect. A) under / into B) within / through C) for / to D) in / off E) over / ever 14. It was _____ his efforts that the two sides finally agreed to hold talks _____ the principles of economic cooperation. A) by / through B) ever / for C) through / on D) with / at E) without / from 15. I was forced to admit that there was a drop in sales towards the end of the year _____ he had predicted. A)
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11-KPDS 1997 MAYIS - 1997 MAYIS KPDS SORULARI 1-24...

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