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22-KPDS 2002 MAYIS - 1-24 sorularda cümlede boş...

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Unformatted text preview: 1.-24. sorularda, cümlede boş bırakılan yere uygun düşen sözcük ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 1. Now that formal ----- has been given by the government, the project team can be recruited. A) reference B) apprehension C) approval D) expression E) determination 2. Certain new findings suggest that young calves may be more ----- than older cows to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). A) reluctant B) hazardous C) intimate D) susceptible E) relative 3. Champions of the green movement regard the internal combustion machine as one of the biggest ----- in history. A) disasters B) rejections C) admissions D) denials E) illusions 4. The distinction between a language and a dialect is a ----- difficult one. A) precisely B) notoriously C) compulsively D) suitably E) flexibly 5. Japan is often ----- as an example of a country that has managed to keep its national defence orientated industries entirely separate from foreign-owned companies. A) deduced B) delayed C) deceived D) withdrawn E) cited 6. The general feeling in the court was that several of the witnesses were ----- information that could have a direct bearing upon the case. A) expressing B) withholding C) avoiding D) disrupting E) declining 7. The population of the underdeveloped countries is growing so fast that the agricultural activities there are unable to ----- the progressively rising demand for food. A) keep up with C) look out for B) make sure of D) bring up E) sort out 8. Among the Maori of New Zealand, each community has developed its own way of ----- crimes and has chosen a number of different punishments to match them. A) holding up B) coming along C) dealing with D) paying for E) taking over 9. He insisted that mountaineering ----- a sport for him, but a passion that ----- his whole life. A) hadn't been / would dominate B) isn't / has dominated C) hasn't been / is dominating D) wouldn't be / is dominating E) wasn't / had dominated 10. The judges of the international tribunal at The Hague -----, on 1st February 2002, that charges relating to all three wars ----- together. A) would agree / had been heard B) have agreed / have been heard C) were agreed / will be heard D) agreed / would be heard E) had agreed / were heard- 1 - 11. When he moved from Ethiopia where he -----, to England, his experiences ----- quite unlike those of his contemporaries at school. A) had been born / were B) is born / will be C) would be born / would be D) has been born / are E) was born / will be 12. It's not considered safe to leave your computer on when you are not in the office, so you ----- do so. A) don't have to B) mustn't C) needn't D) haven't got to E) don't need to 13. If she ----- to the interview in a more positive state of mind, she ----- a better impression....
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  • Spring '09
  • kpds
  • great economic crisis, peyniri olan bir, büyük bir azınlık, hayvanlarına hastalık veya, hastalık veya ölüm, Polonya'nın son genel

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22-KPDS 2002 MAYIS - 1-24 sorularda cümlede boş...

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