Mid term and final paper

Mid term and final paper - First and Second Paper...

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First and Second Paper Assignment - HST 325 Americans and their leaders believe the United States to be the greatest nation on the earth. Both presidential candidates in the 2008 election used this language of American exceptionalism. This rhetoric has a long history in America from the founding until today. I want you to think critically about this idea in light of the history of American foreign policy. Your papers need to answer the following using the period you have studied in this course. 1. In regard to US foreign policy, what ways would American policy makers, in the time period we are studying , have made the argument for American exceptionalism? 2. What arguments could their contemporaries have made against American exceptionalism, that the United States was acting like every other nation? (Cite evidence for both) Be careful not to project present knowledge back upon these subjects of history. You must argue from information which they would have had available to them in their own
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Mid term and final paper - First and Second Paper...

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