FamDev Ch 5 Notes

FamDev Ch 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Socialization and Gender...

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Chapter 5: Socialization and Gender Roles Definitions - Sex: Biological characteristics (genitalia and chromosomes)/either male or female (influences behavior, but does not determine behavior) - Gender: Learned attitudes/behaviors that differentiate between the sexes (socially constructed). Can be influenced by geographical location - Gender Role: Characteristics, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors that society expects; learned - Gender Identity: Degree to which we feel we live up to our gender role (High/Low? Good/ Bad?) If you rebel against your gender role, then you would be negative against your role, but it would be a positive thing for you personally. Nature or Nurture? -Is gender based in genetics or environmental influences? Or based on a combination of both? - Nature: 4 main arguments 1. Developmental/Health Differences (men are more likely to suffer from genetic disorders/women have better sense of smell and hearing/women are more susceptible to autoimmune disorders and diabetes) 2. Effects of Sex Hormones (testosterone leads to aggression and makes the heart more susceptible to heart disease/estrogen makes blood vessels more elastic and strengthen the immune system) 3. Sex differences in the brain (cognitively think that they are a different sex than they biologically are) 4. Unsuccessful Sex Reassignment (a biological male is raised as a female or vice versa) ex. Read box on pg. 124: John/Joan - Nurture: 4 main arguments 1. Cross-cultural variations in Gender Roles: men and women aren’t always in the same roles across different cultures 2. Cross-cultural variations in Male Violence: males are not always significantly more violent in all cultures (pg. 126) 3. Rise in Female Violence (especially juveniles): recent phenomenon, more females are joining gangs and committing crimes (at the same time that females are receiving more
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FamDev Ch 5 Notes - Chapter 5 Socialization and Gender...

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