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FamDev Ch 7 Notes - Chapter 7 Sexuality The Basics Sexual...

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Chapter 7: Sexuality The Basics - Sexual identity: awareness of ourselves as male/female and the ways we express our values, attitudes, feeling, and beliefs. - Sexual desire: Drive that makes us receptive - Sexual response: biological aspects of sexuality; what do you enjoy? Sexual Orientation - Homosexuals: attracted to people of the same sex - Heterosexuals: attracted to opposite sex - Bisexuals: Attracted to both sexes - Asexual: Lack of sexual desire - Key: Behavior does not define orientation (examples?) - Approx. 2% of Americans are transgender : transsexuals, intersexual, transvestites all included here What determines orientation? - Biological: strong genetic basis (twin studies have been done/ reaction to hormones/brain structure (hypothalamus) - Cultural Theories: social/environmental factors. However, gay/ lesbian parents do not produce more gay/lesbian children - No real scientific consensus except that it is most likely a combination. The “Sexual Script” - SS: formal and/or informal norms for legitimate or unacceptable sexual activity, eligibility of partners, and boundaries; gender, race, and ethnicity all impact this script. - Gender: Men more likely to engage in sex earlier and have more partners over a lifetime: The
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FamDev Ch 7 Notes - Chapter 7 Sexuality The Basics Sexual...

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