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FamDev Ch 8 Notes - Chapter 8 Choosing Others The Dating...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8: Choosing Others The Dating Game - How often? Majority of 18 + Americans are dating or “would like to be” (declined in the under 18 demographic: 27% of HS senior are) - Why do we do it? Manifest vs. Latent functions Manifest: Maturation/Fun/Companionship/Love/Mate selection Latent: Socialization/Social Status/Ego Needs/Experimentation, Business Traditional/Contemporary Dating In the US? Typically follow strict “social scripts”; is this changing? (p. 227) - (T) Going Steady : circa 1930’s; (morphed into “going with”/”going out”; implies exclusivity - (C) Hanging Out : Groups/urge for independence/privacy Getting Together : “floating”, shared expenses, informal groupings Pack Dating: recreation in small groups (popular with undergraduates in college) Hooking Up: physical encounters with “no strings attached” / 60-84% of undergrads have hooked up at least once - T and C combinations: More acceptable today for men/women to break traditional scripts (women calling, for example)...
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  • Business Traditional/Contemporary Dating, Maturation/Fun/Companionship/Love/Mate selection Latent, Socialization/Social Status/Ego Needs/Experimentation, investment Homogamy/Filter Theory

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