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FamDev Ch1 Notes - Chapter 1 : The Changing Family...

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Chapter 1 : The Changing Family Definitions… -Over past 20-30 years, typical American family has changed a lot - What is a marriage?: socially approved relationship that is expected to be stable; shaped, guided, and regulated by social norms. -Being challenged in America (ex. Gay marriage) - In Kansas a 12 year old can get married with parental consent - Some states DO allow gay marriage - Similarities: 1) sexual exclusivity 2) shared economic responsibility 3) bear/raise children. - What current challenges are there in the US? - Why is it important to have a legalized marriage? -married couples receive benefits that people in civil unions do not (ex. Health benefits) - What is a family?: 1. US Census : “two or more people living together related by blood, marriage, or adoption” 2. Your text : two or more people 1) live in a committed relationship, 2) gain identity from that group, and 3) share functions and close emotional ties - More inclusive: includes such figures as “ fictive kin ” [non-biologically related or non-marriage related but the people feel like family to you] Is there a norm? - For decades, the nuclear family (two spouses and children, mother is homemaker and father is breadwinner) dominated, and 85% of children lived with both parents. - The nuclear family is now almost extinct. - Today?: Only 7% of US families are truly “nuclear”; one researcher identified 23 different family “structures” - From the “modern family” to the “postmodern family”; meaning there is no “normal” type in today’s society
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FamDev Ch1 Notes - Chapter 1 : The Changing Family...

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