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VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY CIVIL ENGINEERING CE 180 – STATICS, Fall 2009 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Lori A. Troxel, Room 295 Jacobs Hall Phone: 2-0055 e-mail: [email protected] TEXT: Engineering Mechanics: Statics, 12 th edition, by R.C. Hibbeler Vanderbilt OAK contains a copy of the syllabus, grades, homework, homework solutions, in-class problems, and practice tests. OFFICE HOURS: Open ‘Dore policy. Email. TA Help Sessions: To be decided. OBJECTIVES: 1. To prepare students for the practice or further study of engineering or other professions in which quantitative skills are helpful. 2. To provide students with the following attributes. a. The ability to apply engineering and analytical skills to solve problems; b. An understanding of the need to engage in life-long learning; c. The ability to communicate effectively and work in teams; d. The foundation to prepare students to earn professional licensure, certification, advanced degrees, and career advancements. SUMMARY: This course will introduce students to the mechanics of rigid bodies at rest. Simultaneously, this course will enhance students’ problem-solving skills. Students should be able to solve numerous types of problems and to explain their reasoning verbally and in writing. Specifically, students should be able to do the following: Analyze systems of forces in two and three dimensions. Find force resultants.
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