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2. // Inserts the given date into the list in chronological order. // Precondition: list is already sorted in chronological order. public static void insert(ArrayList<CalendarDate> list, CalendarDate date) { // Find the first date in the list that is later than the // date given in the parameter int index = 0; while (index < list.size() index++; // Insert the date into the list at this position // (the add method will shift over the dates to make room) list.add(index, date); } 3. public boolean add(T newEntry) { // Search for index for insert point in array
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Unformatted text preview: int index = 0; while (index < numData && dataArray[index].compareTo(newEntry) <= 0) { if (dataArray[index].compareTo(newEntry) == 0) return false; // duplicate entry - do not insert index++; } // Check for full array: Why isn't this done before the while loop? if (numData == dataArray.length) reallocate(); // Shift data over one position to make room for new data // data value at position index. for (int position = numData-1; position >= index; position--) dataArray[position+1] = dataArray[position]; dataArray[index] = newEntry; numData++; return true; }...
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