lab8 - 15-121 FALL 2009 [CORTINA/REID-MILLER]Lab...

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Unformatted text preview: 15-121 FALL 2009 [CORTINA/REID-MILLER]Lab 8Binary-tree visualization of the Yahoo search engine bot crawling an experimental website.From www.computergraphica.comIn this lab, you will implement several recursive methods using binary trees. EXERCISESDownload the project It contains the binary tree class discussed in lecture. Although this code is given to you, along with the testers for your exercises, you should read through this code carefully after lab to make sure you can write this code yourself. 1. Look at any of the testers and examine the definitions for the seven binary trees. Draw each binary tree on a piece of paper before proceeding on. (All three testers use the same seven binary trees.) Check with your neighbors to make sure you draw the binary trees correctly. 2. Write a method countin the BinaryTreeclass that returns the number of data values stored in the binary tree. Your method should have the following signature: public int count()Note that this method should not be recursive. It should call another private method that is recursive Note that this method should not be recursive....
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This note was uploaded on 12/19/2009 for the course CS 121 taught by Professor Reid-miller during the Spring '09 term at Carnegie Mellon.

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lab8 - 15-121 FALL 2009 [CORTINA/REID-MILLER]Lab...

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