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SA8 - Stat 133 Fall 2009 Short assignment 8 Function...

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Stat 133, Fall 2009 Short assignment 8: Function optimization Due Tuesday Dec. 8 at 11 pm on bSpace The Del Norte Salamander (plethodon elongates) is a small (57 cm) salamander found among rock rubble, rock outcrops and moss-covered talus in a narrow range of northwest California. To study the habitat characteristics of the species, researchers selected 47 sites from plausible salamander habitat in national forest and parkland. Randomly chosen grid points were searched for the presence of a site with suitable rocky habitat. At each suitable site, a 7 meter by 7 meter search area was examined for the number of salamanders it contained. The dataset for this assignment contains the counts of salamanders at the sites, along with the percentage of forest canopy and age of the forest in years. 1. Load the data into R, and make a scatterplot of the salamander counts against the percent canopy cover. 2. Since the data consist of counts, with no preset upper bound, we will use Poisson regression to fit the data. Specifically, we’ll model the mean
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