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Unformatted text preview: Software Engineer Job Software coding in C#, ASP.NET, SQL and JavaScript. We have found that a certain type of engineer seems to excel in our culture. Josh Levy Manager - Human Capital ForwardAction 919 4th Ave, Ste 200 San Diego, CA 92101 T: 619.618.6660 F: 619.230.0130 E: [email protected] • We are web company that is hiring software engineers that will be We Lab3 Scores Lab3 • You will receive email from Michael about your You score in Lab3 by this Saturday (December 12). • So, before final exam you know all your So, scores in tests, homeworks, and lab assignments. CS370 Final Review CS370 Spring 2009 Spring Tao Xie Number of Questions Number • Totally 10 questions Totally • Totally 100 points Totally • In 2 hours In Number Systems Number • 11101110102=____3BA_______16 1110111010 • AC916 = _____101011001001_2 • 3A6.C16 = ____________2 (P. 17) • 42.37510 = _101010.011____________2 • 12510 = _____1111101______2 • 11001.1012=_____25.625_________10 11001.101 Minterm Minterm • Example of Table 2-8 on Page 50-51, 4th edition Example edition • Give you a Boolean function F, please translate it into Give SOP. DeMorgan’s Theorem DeMorgan Using DeMorgan’s theorem, express the function F= A(B+C)D With only OR and complement operations. F=(A(B’C’)D)’=A’+B+C+D’ Hint: sometimes you need F=F’’ Prove identity Prove • Please remember 17 identities on Table 2-3 Please and the six equalities on Page 46 • Please review your HW1 and do weekly Please exercise if you haven’t done so Circuit Design Circuit • Design a combinational circuit that accepts a 3-bit number Design and generates a 6-bit binary number output equal to the square of the input number. For example, suppose the three input bits are A, B, and C, and the six output bits are S0, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5. Assume that ABC=010 ( 2 in decimal), then S5S4S3S2S1S0 = 000100 ( 4 in decimal). Note that A is the most significant bit in the 3 input bits and S5 is the most significant bit in the 6 output bits. Please – – [4 pts] Draw the truth table for this circuit. [6 pts with each 1 pt] For each output bit Si ( 0 <=i <=5), please write its corresponding Boolean function in terms of A, B, and C. PI and EPI PI • Give you an expression, ask you to Give optimize it using K map so that you can get a simplified SOP form expression. Also, please write all PI and indicate which one(s) are EPI. Chapter 5 Chapter • Similar question as the Q5 in Test2 Similar State Diagram and State Table State • Thoroughly understand the sequence Thoroughly recognizer “1101” example on our lecture slides. Chapter 7 Chapter • 7-14 (Page 404): • Use D flip-flops and gates to design a Use binary counter with the following repeated binary sequences (b) 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 • How to design a binary counter using D How flip-flops 7-14 (b) DA=BC+AC’ DB=A’B’C + BC’ DC=C Chapter 8 Chapter You are asked to design a memory system using four four memory chips. The chips used are four million (220) memory four (2 address by four bit words. Consider a sixteen million address by four words. sixteen address by four bit word memory system. by four memory A) Answer the following questions. • • • How many address lines does the memory system require? 24 How How many data lines does the memory system require? 4 How What kind of address decoder is required? 2 to 4 What B) Now design the system below. Be sure you label the B) memory system inputs, Addr, R/W, and MemSel, and the system's outputs D0, D1, D2, etc. Also label bus widths, and inputs and outputs of any required decoders. Put a Put star on the chips containing memory location 0. Chapter 9 Chapter • P491 9-5 P491 • Note: If I give you the equations of Xi and Note: Yi, you are asked to draw the logic diagram and tell me what operations can be performed. 9-4 (page 490) Sample Question Sample • Design a 4-to-16-line decoder with enable Design using five 2-to-4-line decoders with enable as shown in the following figure. Note that you can only use five symbols given below. Your task is to label the five symbols and to connect them in order to form a 4-to16-line decoder. A 2-to-4-Line Decoder with Enable. My office hours before final exam • Dec. 11: 10 am ~11 am Dec. • Dec. 14: 4 pm ~ 5:30 pm Dec. • Dec. 16: 10 am ~11 am Dec. • Dec. 17: 4 pm ~5:30 pm Dec. • I will provide online email support until 5:30pm on will December 17. December Good Luck Everyone! ...
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