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CSS 434 Lab Work 3: RMI and Mobile Agents Professor: Munehiro Fukuda Lab work date: See the syllabus 1. Purpose This laboratory work intends to let you understand how to code and run RMI programs and mobile agents, so that you can focus on your HW3's code design. 2. Statement of Work 1. Read program 3's specification carefully to understand how to run RMI and UWAgent. 2. Redesign the lab work 1's client/server programs with RMI. In other words, your client program should call the following server function: double[] sqrt( double[] array ) This function receives an array of doubles, updates each array element with its square root, and returns the modified array back to a client. 3. Code a simple mobile agent, say that migrates to uw1-320-20, thereafter uw1-320-21, and finally uw1-320-22 in this order as printing out "hop", "step", and "jump" at a respective site. 3. Related Materials
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Unformatted text preview: • To take a quick review for RMI, see the slides: p19-25 of RMI.ppt • To take a quick review for UWAgents, see the slides: p21 of Migration.ppt • To get the UWAgents user manual, click UWAgentUserManual.pdf • To take a snapshot of the entire X server screen, type: import -window root X.jpeg • To print out a snapshot, start firefox , type file:///home2 in the URL input bar, click your home directory, reach your current working directory, click X.jpeg , change the print format in landscape through the page setup menu, and print it out by selecting uw1-320-p1 . 4. What to Turn in Turn in the following materials at the end of class: 1. Your RMI programs, (i.e., and 2. Your RMI execution output 3. Your mobile agent program, (i.e., 4. Your agent execution output If your time runs out, that is okay. Just turn in what you have....
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