lab1 - [mickey@uw1-320-21]$ java Server...

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CSS 434 Lab Work 1: Java Sockets and Serialization Professor: Munehiro Fukuda Lab work date: See the syllabus 1. Purpose This laboratory work intends to get you used to Java socket programming under the Unix environment. After the professor explains about the LAB-320's machine configuration, the Linux envorinment, and Java sockets, you are to code and run simple client/server programs with Java sockets. 2. Statement of Work Code a client and a server program that exchange an array of doubles as follows. Client: instantiates an array of 100 doubles, initializes all those doubles to 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, . . 99.0, and sends this array to the server through a Java socket. The client receives an array of doubles back from the server and prints out each array element. Server: receives an array of doubles, updates each element with its square root, and sends it back to the client. To compile your programs, type: [mickey@uw1-320-20]$ javac Run your server program first and thereafter your client:
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Unformatted text preview: [mickey@uw1-320-21]$ java Server [mickey@uw1-320-20]$ java Client > output Print out your client and server programs as well as output [mickey@uw1-320-21]$ a2ps -PUW1-320-p1 [mickey@uw1-320-20]$ a2ps -PUW1-320-p1 [mickey@uw1-320-20]$ a2ps -PUW1-320-p1 output 3. Related Materials To understand Java sockets, see the slides: p5 - 7 of IPC.ppt For object serialization, use the ObjectOutputStream class. See the slide p9 of IPC.ppt and Java API Documentation For object de-serialization, use the ObjectInputStream class. See the slide p9 of IPC.ppt and Java API Documentation To compute a square root, use Math.sqrt( ). 4. What to Turn in Turn in the following materials at the end of class: 1. Your client and erver programs, (i.e., and 2. Your execution output, (i.e., output) If your time runs out, that is okay. Just turn in what you have....
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lab1 - [mickey@uw1-320-21]$ java Server...

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