S-08 - /* which Quad to inspect? */ } Letter; typedef...

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/* Code to be used only when debugging lives inside Debug(). * Code to be used only when collecting statistics lives inside Stat(). */ #ifdef DEBUG #define Debug(x) x #else #define Debug(x) #endif #ifdef STAT #define Stat(x) x #else #define Stat(x) #endif /* A Word remembers the information about a candidate word. */ typedef struct { Quad aqMask[MAX_QUADS]; /* the word's mask */ char * pchWord; /* the word itself */ unsigned cchLength; /* letters in the word */ } Word; typedef Word * PWord; typedef Word * * PPWord; PWord apwCand[MAXCAND]; /* candidates we've found so far */ unsigned cpwCand; /* how many of them? */ /* A Letter remembers information about each letter in the phrase to be * anagrammed. */ typedef struct { unsigned uFrequency; /* how many times it appears */ unsigned uShift; /* how to mask */ unsigned uBits; /* the bit mask itself */ unsigned iq;
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Unformatted text preview: /* which Quad to inspect? */ } Letter; typedef Letter * PLetter; Letter alPhrase[ALPHABET]; /* statistics on the current phrase */ #define lPhrase(ch) alPhrase[ch2i(ch)] /* quick access to a letter */ int cchPhraseLength; /* number of letters in phrase */ Quad aqMainMask[MAX_QUADS];/* the bit field for the full phrase */ Quad aqMainSign[MAX_QUADS];/* where the sign bits are */ int cchMinLength = 3; /* auGlobalFrequency counts the number of times each letter appears, summed * over all candidate words. This is used to decide which letter to attack * first. */ unsigned auGlobalFrequency[ALPHABET]; char achByFrequency[ALPHABET]; /* for sorting */ char * pchDictionary; /* the dictionary is read here */ #define Zero(t) memset(t, 0, sizeof(t)) /* quickly zero out an integer array */...
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S-08 - /* which Quad to inspect? */ } Letter; typedef...

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