S-13 - if(pqMask[iq& qMask break iLetter...

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jmp_buf jbAnagram; #define OneStep(i) \ ppwStart++; \ continue; \ } void FindAnagram(Quad * pqMask, PPWord ppwStart, int iLetter) { Quad aqNext[MAX_QUADS]; register PWord pw; Quad qMask; unsigned iq; PPWord ppwEnd = &apwCand[0]; ppwEnd += cpwCand; ; if (HaltProcessing()) longjmp(jbAnagram, 1); Debug(printf("Trying :"); DumpWord(pqMask); printf(":\n");) for (;;) { iq = alPhrase[achByFrequency[iLetter]].iq; qMask = alPhrase[achByFrequency[iLetter]].uBits << alPhrase[achByFrequency[iLetter]].uShift;
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Unformatted text preview: if (pqMask[iq] & qMask) break; iLetter++; } Debug(printf("Pivoting on %c\n", i2ch(achByFrequency[iLetter]));) while (ppwStart < ppwEnd) { /* Half of the program execution */ pw = *ppwStart; /* time is spent in these three */ Stat(if (++ulLowCount == 0) ++ulHighCount;) #if MAX_QUADS > 0 OneStep(0); /* lines of code. */ #endif #if MAX_QUADS > 1 OneStep(1); #endif #if MAX_QUADS > 2 OneStep(2); #endif #if MAX_QUADS > 3 OneStep(3); #endif #if MAX_QUADS > 4 @@"Add more unrolling steps here, please."@@ #endif...
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S-13 - if(pqMask[iq& qMask break iLetter...

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