S-16 - sim: command line: ./sim-profile -all -redir:sim...

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sim: command line: ./sim-profile -all -redir:sim results/profile2.out - redir:prog results/profileprog2.out tests-pisa/bin.little/test-math sim: simulation started @ Thu Oct 1 18:46:09 2009, options follow: sim-profile: This simulator implements a functional simulator with profiling support. Run with the `-h' flag to see profiling options available. # -config # load configuration from a file # -dumpconfig # dump configuration to a file # -h false # print help message # -v false # verbose operation # -d false # enable debug message # -i false # start in Dlite debugger -seed 1 # random number generator seed (0 for timer seed) # -q false # initialize and terminate immediately # -chkpt <null> # restore EIO trace execution from <fname> # -redir:sim results/profile2.out # redirect simulator output to file (non-interactive only) # -redir:prog results/profileprog2.out # redirect simulated program output to file -nice 0 # simulator scheduling priority -max:inst 0 # maximum number of inst's to execute
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S-16 - sim: command line: ./sim-profile -all -redir:sim...

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