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MSOE/Sociology/Fertig/Worksheet4 Social structure – the typical patterns of a group that guide our behavior What is the advantage of melding macrosociological and microsociological approaches to the study of human behavior? (pp.98-99, 121-124) Give an example of each type of perspective. What does your author mean when he states that “social structure tends to override personal feelings and desires?” (pp.99) We will return to the idea of social class and how it shapes our lives in Chapter7. Here we will focus on the building blocks or structural components of society: Status – a position in society that provides guidelines for action and feeling (ex: mother, student, engineer, CEO) Ascribed status – an involuntary position that others “ascribe” to you Achieved status – a position that you have to do something to occupy Status symbol – a sign that identifies a status Master status – one that cuts across the other statuses you hold (ex: wealth, disability, race, gender)
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471Chapter4Worksheet - MSOE/Sociology/Fertig/Worksheet4...

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