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Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering EE3015 – Signals and Systems Discussion Session #9: Image processing using Matlab In this discussion, we will perform some simple image processing by filtering the Fourier components of an image using Matlab. This exercise will be graded, and is due next discussion session, Nov. 12-13 . You are required to turn in code and graphs as indicated. This discussion will be devoted to get started with the assignment, but you are expected to finish it outside of class. The submitted work should be your own. You can (and indeed you are encouraged to) discuss this assignment with other students, but the Matlab code you turn in should represent your own individual effort. Preliminaries We will first load the image file we will work with. Matlab has an image library containing several images. To load our working image, just type: >> load clown This will load an image of a clown into the matrix X. This matrix contains a 200 X 320 pixels B/W image. Each element of the matrix represents the intensity of each pixel. Recall that you can check the dimensions of arrays/matrices with the command size . For example, >> size(X) will report that the X matrix that contains the image is of dimensions 200 by 320. Now we want to visualize this image. Matlab may display it in pseudocolor (different gray levels are mapped to different colors). You can control the color table by using the command >> colormap(gray) This will use a colormap that consists of a conventional gray scale. Other color maps include jet, hot, cool , etc. Feel free to try them out. However, for the actual exercise, colormap(gray) is more appropriate. To visualize the image in
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3015_Discussion_9_Solutions - University of Minnesota Dept...

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