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Matlab problem (HW#9) The objective of this problem is to use fft and fftshift Matlab commands to numerically calculate and represent the FT of the oboe , sax , piano and cosine signals from Discussion Session #7 ( http://www.ece.umn.edu/class/ee3015/3015_Discussion_7.pdf ). You are required to turn in the following: Matlab plot of the FFT of the oboe , sax , piano and cosine signals (just the magnitude). Make sure you scale your horizontal axis correctly (it should represent frequency either in Herz or in radians). Include comments on the results obtained. Matlab plot of the Fourier Series coefficients of the oboe , sax , piano and cosine (just the magnitude) obtained by doing “peak-picking” on the FFT (see hints given below). Compare the coefficients with the ones obtained in Discussion #7. Matlab code. The submitted work should be your own. You can (and indeed you are encouraged to) discuss this assignment with other students, but the Matlab code you turn in should
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