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EE2301Dis12F09 - minimize the number of parallel load...

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1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Minnesota EE2301 Fall 2009 Introduction to Digital Systems Design L. L. Kinney Discussion XII 12/10-11: State Assignments and Construction of State Graphs. 1. Problem 15.22 in the text. Also, consider implementing the state table using a 3-bit, parallel loading up counter. (The counter has three functions synchronous clear, parallel load and increment.) Assuming state A is assigned 000, what state assignment(s) would
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Unformatted text preview: minimize the number of parallel load operations required of the counter. Present State Next X = 0 State X = 1 Output Z A D G 1 B E H 0 C B F 1 D F G 0 E C A 1 F H C 0 G E A 1 H D B 0 2. Problem 14.6 in the text. For each state, specify the information ‘remembered about past inputs. (01, 00 causes output to become 0. 11, 00 causes output to become 1. 10, 00 causes output to change.)...
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