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Introduction to Econometrics, Prof. Onatski Problem Set 1. Due in class on September 23 Problem 1. Do problem 2.1 on page 58 of the textbook. Problem 2. Do problem 2.6 on pages 58-59 of the textbook. Problem 3. Do problem 2.10 on page 60 of the textbook. Problem 4. Do problem 2.17 on page 61 of the textbook. Problem 5. An insurance company has three types of customers - high risk, medium risk, and low risk. Twenty percent of its customers are high risk, 30% are medium risk, and 50% are low risk. Also the probability that a customer has at least one accident in the current year is 0.25 for high risk, 0.16 for medium risk, and 0.10 for low risk.
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