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2410 -week12 - 11/30/2009 GenderDevelopment...

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1 Gender Development Dr. Lynne Zarbatany [email protected] Mars and Venus? •Mars and Venus? •Sex Differences versus Gender Differences? •Gender Roles •Some Early Behavioral and Cognitive Differences •Explanations? • Final Note on the Science and Politics of Gender Mars and Venus? Have you ever interacted with someone of the other sex and thought ‐‐ is this person from a different planet? Are men and women sufficiently different in behavior, thinking, values, etc., to justify claims that they come from two different cultures, or even two different planets? How different are we?? Sex Differences Versus Gender Differences What’s the difference between Sex and Gender? Sex differences: biological differences? Gender differences: culturally created differences? What is a Gender Role? Values, attitudes, behavior prescribed by a society for members of one sex To some extent, gender development is about learning gender roles Male Gender Role : Instrumental (dominant, independent, assertive, competitive, goal oriented) Female Gender Role: Expressive (cooperative, kind, nurturant, sensitive to needs of others) Do all women and men play these culturally prescribed “roles?” Can people “step out” of their “ gender roles?” What’s Your Gender Role Orientation and Why? Masculine? (dominant, independent, assertive, competitive goa oriented)? competitive, goal oriented)? Feminine ? (cooperative, kind, nurturant, sensitive to needs of others?) Androgenous ? (high in both?) Undifferentiated ? (low in both?) Questions of Interest to Developmental Psychologists What are the reliable sex/gender differences in behavior and cognition? How do these differences develop? (Process?)
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2410 -week12 - 11/30/2009 GenderDevelopment...

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