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import java.util.*; public class TurtleStop { public static void main(String[] args) { World world = new World(900,900); Turtle turtle1 = new Turtle(555,320, world); turtle1.hide(); turtle1.setPenColor(java.awt.Color.BLACK); turtle1.setPenWidth(4); turtle1.drawHexagon(1); t Turtle turtle2 = new Turtle(420,350,world); turtle2.hide(); turtle2.setPenColor(java.awt.Color.RED); turtle2.setPenWidth(3); turtle2.drawS(1); Turtle turtle3 = new Turtle(448,350,world);
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Unformatted text preview: turtle3.hide(); turtle3.setPenColor(java.awt.Color.RED); turtle3.setPenWidth(3); turtle3.drawT(10); t Turtle turtle4 = new Turtle(513,350,world); turtle4.hide(); turtle4.setPenColor(java.awt.Color.RED); turtle4.setPenWidth(3); turtle4.drawO(10); t Turtle turtle5 = new Turtle(522,350,world); turtle5.hide(); turtle5.setPenColor(java.awt.Color.RED); turtle5.setPenWidth(3); turtle5.drawP(10); } }...
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