MorphingFun - Morphs one picture to...

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/* * * * Morphs one picture to another, based on user input. */ import*; i public class MorphingFun { public static void main(String[] args) { int tries = 0; boolean picturesValid = false; Picture startPic = null; Picture endPic = null; int intermediateSteps = -1; // while we still have tries left and while height/width are invalid. .. while(picturesValid == false) { tries++; // Read in the starting/ending filenames String startPictureFile = SimpleInput.getString("Enter the starting picture's filename"); String endPictureFile = SimpleInput.getString("Enter the ending picture's filename"); // Load the pictures startPic = new Picture(startPictureFile); endPic = new Picture(endPictureFile); // Are they not the same width/height? if(startPic.getWidth() != endPic.getWidth() || startPic.getHeight() != endPic.getHeight()) { e // Bad dimensions // see if the user exhausted their tries or not if(tries == 3) { SimpleOutput.showError("Three unsuccessful tries; program will
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MorphingFun - Morphs one picture to...

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