Chapter 9 notes

Chapter 9 notes - Adulthood and Aging There are physical,...

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Adulthood and Aging There are physical, cognitive, and social developments that we experience during adulthood. Contrasting Views of Adult Development The question is what causes these changes that occur over the adult years? There are three perspectives: the crisis or stage approach , the life ( or timing of life events) approach , and the developmental regulation approach. (1)The Crisis Approach : Erickson (1950-1987) as people grow older, they confront new combinations of biological drives and societal demands. These ‘drives’ reflect individual growth and physical change, while societal demands reflect the expectations and requirements that society places at different ages. We encounter three crises: (1)Intimacy versus isolation - In late adolescence and early adulthood, we develop the ability to form deep, intimate relationships with others. - Not just sexual intimacy, but interpersonal attachments as well. - The development at this stage determines how we contribute in later life to career, family and society. - There are four kinds of attachments in young adults: Secure attachments ( positive/positive ) have positive sense of self worth and comfortable with intimacy. Higher self- esteem and less loneliness. Three kinds of insecure attachments ( preoccupied , fearful, and dismissive ) Preoccupied – think negatively about themselves and positively of others. Dismissing – think positively of themselves and negative of others. Avoid intimacy. Fearful – think negatively of themselves and other people. Avoid intimacy. Attachment patterns established in early infancy affect the way people think about themselves and the quality of their lives. (2)Generativity versus self-absorption – the need for individuals to overcome selfish ways and do something generative, meaning helping the younger
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generation. People who do this and resolve this crisis find a new meaning to life, people
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Chapter 9 notes - Adulthood and Aging There are physical,...

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