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chapter 13 - Chapter 13- Health Psychology Sandwich...

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Chapter 13- Health Psychology Sandwich generation- men and women in their midlife Health Psychology- an overview Health psychology- to determine how health is related to psychology. Both mind and body are determinants in health and illness Behavioural medicine- combines biomedical with behavioural science to learn how diseases should be treated Lifestyle- the overall patterns of decisions and behaviour which determines health and quality of life Leading causes of death in Canada- cardiovascular (38%) and cancer (28%) How Psychologists Study Health related behaviour Much of our basic understanding has emerged from epidemiological studies - large-scale efforts to identify the risk factors that predict the development of certain diseases. Epidemiological studies help us sort out multiple causes of illness Stress: Causes, Effects and Control Stress- the process that occurs in response to events that disrupt, our psychical or psychological functioning. Stress: Its Basic Nature Stressors- events or situations in our environment that cause stress Stress may vary from country to country- Western Europe and Japan- higher rate of death through heart disease and high smoking rates. Stressors: The activators of stress o So intense sometimes they put us in a state of overload o They evoke incompatible tendencies un us both to avoid subject or activity o They are uncontrollable o Stressors are less stressful when your more in control Physiological responses to stress o Blood pressure soars o Pulse races o When we are exposes to stress chronically their follows a larger sequence of responses called >General Adaptation syndrome- a three phase model of how organisms respond to stress-1) alarm mobilization- the body prepares itself for immediate action, 2) resistance- arousal is lower but our body continues to cope effectivly, 3) exhaustion- our capacity to resist is depleted and our susceptibility to illness is increased. o When faced with an emergency it’s the sympathetic nervous sytem which readies the body for action o During stress the immune system is weakend making our body much more susceptible to disease. Many people get colds before exams
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Cognitive Appraisal of our Stressors When faced with situations some may find it stressful and others may not This is because their cognitive appraisals differ Primary appraisal- stress occurs depending on how an individual perceives a situation as threaten to them Secondary appraisal- individual believes that they can cope with the situation successfully Some major causes of stress Death of a parent or spouse is rated a most stressful event Injury to a child, failure in school, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, The hassles of daily life Having to many tings to do at once Dealing with delays Owing people money Hassles may lead to headaches, soar throat, flu etc.
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chapter 13 - Chapter 13- Health Psychology Sandwich...

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