Chapter 1-The Sociological Perspective

Chapter 1-The Sociological Perspective - Sociology Study...

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Sociology Study Notes Chapter 1-The Sociological Perspective Sociology- defined as the systematic study of human society. Seeing the General in the Particular- Peter Berger states that general social patterns in particular individuals. Seeing the strange in the particular- notion that human behaviour is simply a matter of what people decided to do in favour of the initially strange notion that society guides our thoughts and deeds. o Ex. Students whom go to universities are from high-income families, fewer blacks as apposed to college students are people with responsibilities I the family and lower income. Individuality in social context- to see the power of society shape individual choices. Emile Durheim- studied suicide rates and said that social integration or ones social ties influence the suicide rate. (ex. The rich are most likely to commit suicide). o Ex. Women in poor countries are less likely to work therefore they have more time to have sex and have kids increasing a countries birth rate. Global perspective- the study of our larger world and societies place in it Global Sociology box on pg.8-“The Global Village”- a snapshot of our world. Indicates food, income education and its distribution. Globalization leads to interconnnectness through email and quick transportation. Social Marginality- being an outsider enhances ones social awareness that others
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Chapter 1-The Sociological Perspective - Sociology Study...

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