Chapter 3- Culture

Chapter 3- Culture - Chapter 3- Culture Culture: values,...

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Chapter 3- Culture Culture : values, beliefs, behavior and material objects that guides ones way of life, 2 types: 1) Nonmaterial culture: intangible world of ideas created by ppl in society 2) material culture: tangible things created by society - culture shapes our personalities and what we do (human nature) - culture shock: personal disorientation that comes from encountering an unfamiliar way of life - only humans rely on culture and not instinct to solidify their survival - culture helped fashion the natural environment for ourselves - nation: political entity, state or country, ppl who share a culture (language, ancestry and history) - state: political entity in a territory with borders - society: organized interaction of ppl in a nation Components of Culture 1) Symbols: anything that carries a particular meaning recognized by ppl sharing a culture : culture shock happens through experiencing an unfamiliar way of life, and inflicting an improper action recognized by ones own culture but not of the unfamiliar setting : culture changes over time (ex. jeans previously inexpensive labor fashion, now expensive, designer fashion) 2) Language: system of symbols that allows members of a society to communicate w/ one : cultural transmission- process by which one generation passes on culture to the next : Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis : ppl perceive world through cultural lens of language 3) Values & beliefs: values are what ought to be, standards for desirability, goodness, beauty, social living
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Chapter 3- Culture - Chapter 3- Culture Culture: values,...

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