Chapter 5- Socialization

Chapter 5- Socialization - Chapter 5 Socialization...

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Socialization Socialization- the lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn patterns of their culture. Personality- a person’s fairly consistent ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Charles Darwin: The Role of Nature Says in chapter 3 that species evolve over thousands of years Human nature refers to people being born with certain traits. o Ex. Women are born more emotional compared to men Through human nature we are able to learn about the cultural traits of other societies and cultures. The Social Sciences: The Role of Nature John B.Watson- behaviourism- specific patterns of behaviour are not instinctive but learned. Humans differ only in their cultural environment Philippe Rushton claimed that Orientals are more bright then whites and blacks, blacks being the least intelligent of the 3 races. Nurture plays a far more important role in determining human behaviour. Social Isolation Effects of Social Isolation on Nonhuman primates Psychologists- Harry and Margaret Harlow discovered through the separation of monkeys that over a six-month period isolation effects the development of monkeys. When the monkeys returned to their group the were passive, anxious and fearful. They discovered that normal emotional development requires parent- infant affection. Effects of Socialization on Children Social experience proves to have effect on personality development. Humans can often deal with tragic situations but at times where social isolation or abuse is present developmental damage occurs. Freud: Elements of Personality Basic Human Needs Two general needs o Bonding (Eros- Greek word meaning god of love) o Death instinct (thantos- means death) Freud’s model of personality Three parts o ID- humans basic needs-unconscious- ex. Newborn needs attention and food o Ego- conscious effort to balance pleasure with demands for society-ex. Cant have everything we want
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Chapter 5- Socialization - Chapter 5 Socialization...

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