Chapter 8-Sexuality

Chapter 8-Sexuality - Chapter 8 Sexuality Sex A biological...

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Chapter 8- Sexuality Sex: A biological issue Sex refers it the biological distinction between females and males. It is the means by which humans reproduce. A sperm fertilizes an ovum. Each contains 23 chromosomes. The females provides and x chromosome and the male provides either which determines the gender of a child.xx=female, xy=male Sex and the body From birth two sexes have differential characteristics including genitals and reproductive organs. As one mature secondary sex characteristics occur- bodily difference apart from genitals that distinguish biologically mature females and males. Females have wider hips, breast, and soft fatty tissue for support of supply of nutrition. Males typically develop upper body muscle, extensive body hair and deeper voices. Hermaphrodites Greek myth- herme+aphrodite A human being with the combination of both male and female genitalia. Transsexuals People who believe they are of one sex even though biologically they are of another. Sex: A cultural issue Cultural Variation Alfred Kinsey(1948) o Found couples in the US have sex with the man in the bottom and the women on top. Halfway around the world in South Seas most couples laugh at the missionary position. Kissing styles also vary throughout the world. Helen Colton (1983) o When a woman is walked in while in the bathtub women cover different areas of their body. Islamic women cover their face, Europeans cover their genital area and breasts, Sumatran women her knees The incest taboo A norm forbidding sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives. Taboo operates to protect the social organizations of the family o Ex. In Canada and family members are forbidden to have sex or marry Why does the incest taboo exist everywhere o Biology is a reason. Biological reproduction due to family member causes mental or physical problems.
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Sexual Attitudes North American attitudes on sexuality have been inconsistent. Europeans only believed in sex for sexual reproduction
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Chapter 8-Sexuality - Chapter 8 Sexuality Sex A biological...

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