Chapter 9-Deviance

Chapter 9-Deviance - Chapter 9- Deviance Deviance- the...

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Chapter 9- Deviance Deviance- the recognized violation of cultural norms Crime- the violation of norms formally enacted into criminal law Juvenile delinquency- violation of legal standards by the young Social Control Attempts by society to regulate the behaviour of individuals Criminal Justice System- reactions to alleged violation of the law through using police courts and prison officials The biological context Human behaviour explained by biological instinct Lombroso- suggest that criminals posses distinct physical traits9low foreheads, prominent jaw and cheekbone, hairy, long arms) or body types Sheldon- Crime occurred with boys of muscular build and athletic. Personality factors Psychological explanations of deviance concentrate on personality abnormalities Psychologist believe social experience contributes to deviance Biological theories are focuses on individualistic characteristics Containment theory o Non delinquents have personalities that intervene in any social impulses towards deviance o Longitudinal research by Reckless/Dinitiz supported this notion o Most crimes are committed by ppl who are psychologically normal The social foundations of deviance Both conformity and deviance are shaped by society 3 ways o Deviance exists only in relation to cultural norms o People become deviant as others define them that way o Both rule making and rule breaking involve social power Structural Functional Analysis Emile Durkheim: The functions of deviance o ASSERTED THAT DEVINACE IS A INTEGRAL PART OF ALL SOCIETY o 4 major functions of deviance Affirming cultural norms and values. Deviance is the process of
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Chapter 9-Deviance - Chapter 9- Deviance Deviance- the...

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