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Chapter 10- Social Stratification

Chapter 10- Social Stratification - Social Stratification...

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Social Stratification Chapter 10 Social Stratification refers to social inequality - Refers to a system by which categories of people are ranked in a hierarchy - Unequal distribution of valued resources The Caste System system of social stratification based on ascription (credit) - pure caste systems are “closed” with no social mobility Illustrations: India & South Africa 3 Factors why ascription determines everything about a persons life: 1) birth determines ones occupation 2) marriage unites people of the same social standing through the rule of endogamy 3) powerful cultural beliefs underlie such systems The Class System systems of social stratification based on individual achievements - individual ability, promoted by open social mobility - other factors high levels of migrations to cities/ democratic principles/ high migration rates Status Consistency the degree of consistency of a persons social standing across various dimensions of social inequality - class systems have low levels of status consistency Caste and Class Together: The United Kingdom UK represents a society where caste qualities of its past are interwoven within the modern day industrial class system The Estate System UK’s agrarian past, with deep historical roots, was based on a caste-like estate system Three Estates 1 st - Nobles 2 nd – Primarily Clergy 3 rd – Commoners Primogeniture – property of parents could only be inherited by the eldest son helped maintain this system The United Kingdom Today A Monarch still stands as Britain’s head of state - Descendants of traditional nobility still maintain inherited wealth and property
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- Power in Government resides in the (HOC) which is comprised of people whohave achieved their positions 25% of UKs population falls into the middle class
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Chapter 10- Social Stratification - Social Stratification...

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